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Episode 6: Antiviral herbal medicines vs. Ebola and other viral pandemics by the Health Ranger Mike Adams
Pandemic Preparedness FREE Online How-To Course
Episode 6: Antiviral herbal medicines vs. Ebola and oth...
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  • Safety precautions: everything mentioned here is unproven vs. Ebola
  • Nothing on the planet is proven to treat Ebola
  • Humanity has a long history of using these herbs which have potent antiviral properties
  • Pioneering Chinese doctors developed antiviral medicines thousands of years ago that helped stop plagues from spreading
  • Be cautious if you are pregnant; many herbs are contraindicated with pregnancy
  • Always work with a qualified naturopath or herbalist
  • Be cautious of overdosing, allergies or combining herbs with toxic pharmaceuticals
  • Prescription drugs may interfere with antiviral herbs
  • Detailed discussions of Echinacea, Black Elderberry, Licorice, Cinnamon, Ginger, Una de Gato, Comfrey, Lemon Balm, Oregano and many more
  • Beware of counterfeit herbal products sold online
  • "Layer up" with antiviral plant medicines
  • Make your own antiviral teas or liquid decoctions
  • Beware of buying herbs from China, many are contaminated with fillers or toxic heavy metals
  • Some antiviral herbs can be eaten every day as part of your routine diet; this is an excellent way to really strengthen your immune system over time
  • Food and recipe ideas for eating more antivirals every day
  • Using steam to inhale vapors of many different essential oils at safe levels
  • Many amazing antiviral medicines come from tree bark
  • Making gargles and mouthwashes with herbs for oral and sinus protection
  • Creating layers of herbal defenses for aggregate protection against infectious agents
  • Why growing your own herbs is the most potent medicine of all
  • Learn how to make ointments, teas, decoctions, extracts, etc.
  • Yarrow as a potentially miraculous lifesaving herb to stop bleeding
  • A quick review of essential oils: sources and lab tests
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine solutions discussed and detailed
  • An amazing herbal combination that can treat acute viral pandemics through rehydration and "cooling" hot blood
  • "Blood heat" formula: Xi Jiao Di Huang Tang
  • TCM ingredients: Sheng Di Huang, Xi Jiao, Chi Shao, Mu Dan Pi, Shui Niu Jiao, Xuan Shen, Da Qing Ye, Zi Cao
  • Chinese Medicine can save millions of lives in a global pandemic, especially if western medicine fails
  • Western medicine is monopolistic and entirely intolerant. Dogmatic pushers of vaccines and drugs have zero openness to any other system of medicine
  • Most citizens of the world use plant-based medicine, not pharmaceutical medicine
  • People who are foolish enough to believe solely in western medicine may pay for their delusions with their lives
  • Survivors will be people who are open to the full spectrum of available treatments and cures for viral pandemics
  • The truth about the anti-viral potential of natural medicinal herbs cannot be suppressed forever
  • Dogma is deadly: The arrogance of western medicine will get a lot of people killed
  • Things you can start doing RIGHT NOW to boost your immune defenses against viral pandemics
  • Find ways to expand your intake of spices, herbs and teas
  • Middle Eastern cuisine is loaded with antiviral herbs and spices
  • Don't forget the basics: Vitamin D and zinc
  • Most people have horrible immune function because they live immunosuppressive lifestyles
  • With proper defenses, a person can be exposed to Ebola and still not "catch" it (i.e. not become symptomatic)
  • Everything you've learned in this episode can help improve the quality of your life even if there is no pandemic at all
  • Armed with the right knowledge, you can be safe and well-protected
  • Highly recommended book: Herbal Antivirals: Natural Remedies for Emerging & Resistant Viral Infections by Stephen Harrod Buhner

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