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Episode 5: The failed medical response to the Ebola pandemic by the Health Ranger Mike Adams
Pandemic Preparedness FREE Online How-To Course
Episode 5: The failed medical response to the Ebola pan...
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"What is not getting said publicly, despite briefings and discussions in the inner circles of the world’s public health agencies, is that we are in totally uncharted waters and that Mother Nature is the only force in charge of the crisis at this time."

- Michael T. Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, printed in the New York Times on Sep. 11, 2014

  • Most people falsely believe the hospital will solve their medical problems
  • Why hospitals becomes hubs of spreading disease during a pandemic
  • Hospital beds rapidly become fully occupied during a pandemic
  • Few people understand how to take care of themselves at home
  • Most hospitals don't have advanced isolation facilities to separate infected patients from other patients
  • Understanding how Ebola really spreads: it can be distributed through the air via aerosols
  • Viruses are not "alive" so they can't be "killed"
  • An Ebola patient can contaminate surfaces by merely touching them, turning them into Ebola time bombs
  • Ebola causes patients to experience violent convulsions that can fling blood and body fluids around the room, infecting anyone else in the room
  • Hospitals in the U.S. are already spreading superbugs like MRSA, proving that even first-world hospitals utterly fail to halt the spread of infectious disease
  • Doctors can easily spread diseases via their ties, stethoscopes or hands
  • Hospitals have zero treatments available for Ebola; at most they can offer "supportive care" which primarily consists of hydration
  • Survivors of Ebola are people who saved themselves; no doctor ever cured anyone of Ebola
  • Hospitals can expose you to mold spores, superbugs and other infectious diseases
  • Ambulances and medical transport vehicles will quickly become infected with the virus
  • If infected, you need an environment for recovery that's free from other burdens to your immune system
  • When using natural herbs and supplements, make sure you get the help of a professional naturopath or herbalist
  • Don't use superfoods or herbs that expose you to toxic heavy metals; they will only suppress your immune system
  • Right now, nothing is proven to work against Ebola, so everything is "experimental"
  • The western medical system condemns all natural cures, even if they work
  • Hospitals are extremely limited in their breadth of available medical options
  • Modern medicine absolutely does not want to embrace natural medicine as being safe, effective or affordable; this recognition would collapse the sham of the pharmaceutical monopoly
  • Every plant synthesizes its own powerful antibiotic medicine
  • Human institutions are too greed-centric and shortsighted to embrace the truth of natural medicine
  • People who die from Ebola die from ignorance; those who live will be saved by knowledge and wisdom

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