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Episode 18: The age of pandemics, bioterrorism and who benefits from Ebola by the Health Ranger, Mike Adams
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Episode 18: The age of pandemics, bioterrorism and who ...
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  • The mainstream media was ordered to stop covering Ebola, there was a news gap until the Dr. Spencer story broke.
  • Ebola revelations were really hurting the credibility of the Obama administration.
  • Dr. Spencer ran around NYC for 10 days with Ebola (and he lied to the police about being "self-quarantined."
  • Just one Ebola patient caused a huge restriction on the patient bandwidth of the Bellevue Hospital.
  • To try to protect their states, New Jersey and New York set up mandatory 21-day quarantines.
  • A nurse, now known to have been trained as an intelligence officer by the CDC, loudly complained about the quarantines and was instrumental in the reversal of those policies over the weekend.
  • The media lied to the public, claiming the nurse "tested negative twice" and therefore was no risk to the public. In truth, Ebola tests won't show positive results until the virus incubated in the body for a period of up to 42 days.
  • Nigeria has remained Ebola-free thanks to quarantines, travel restrictions and border security. These are all things the Obama administration fervently resists for America.
  • Ignore the words spoken by Obama or the CDC; instead watch their actions. They all appear to be working on behalf of Ebola.
  • It only takes a very small number of patients to shut down a U.S. hospital.
  • Nurses are calling in sick and refusing to treat Ebola patients for fear of being infected.
  • New research shows Ebola can survive for up to 50 days on contaminated surfaces.
  • Ebola can spread via sneezes that travel up to 20 feet through the air.
  • The CDC incessantly lies about everything, placing the American public at risk.
  • Ebola survives better in cold weather, and the winter is now approaching in the northern hemisphere. This could create a perfect storm for Ebola to spread in the United States.
  • Virologists and epidemiologists have all been silenced by the NIH because the NIH controls most research funding.
  • Ebola decisions are now being driven by politics, not epidemiological science. This is a danger to us all.
  • Scientist Nathan Wolfe talks about the coming age of pandemic and how Ebola could be easily used by bioterrorists in "asymmetrical warfare" attacks on America.
  • America is extremely vulnerable to a bioterrorism plot by foreign enemies.
  • Summary of the most likely agendas: Who benefits from Ebola? Or might Ebola be a cover story for a planned financial collapse?
  • Most financial contracts contain "Acts of God" indemnity clauses that are essentially "escape clauses" for financial institutions.
  • There are various global factions competing to exploit the Ebola outbreak for their own selfish gain.

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