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Episode 17: The Ebola cover-up and suppression of epidemiological science by the Health Ranger Mike Adams
Pandemic Preparedness FREE Online How-To Course
Episode 17: The Ebola cover-up and suppression of epide...
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  • Ebola can actually incubate for 42 days, not the 21 days we've been told all along
  • WHO says that 5% of infections can result in incubation periods longer than 21 days
  • Populations must be watched for 42 days, with no new infections, before it can be declared that the outbreak is over
  • WHO says that rapid declarations of negative Ebola results are complete quackery; real Ebola tests require at least 48 hours between two different tests
  • Effectively, the WHO says the CDC is lying to you
  • Many hospital announcements that claim to clear patients of Ebola are "False negatives"
  • We have never been told the truth about the real transmission vectors of Ebola
  • All quarantine durations need to be doubled to SIX weeks
  • Scientists have been infected with Ebola and found to be "symptomless," meaning they could spread Ebola but never had symptoms
  • Health authorities have so far demonstrated a careless attitude about Ebola isolation and safety protocols
  • The government has not been honest with frontline medical staff
  • Frontline CDC workers deserve credit for their efforts, but CDC leadership is engaged in a massive propaganda campaign of quack science
  • My aim is to help protect lives from Ebola
  • The world desperately needs transparency and scientific integrity in dealing with Ebola, but instead we're getting spin and propaganda
  • There are millions of plant species, and all of them synthesize their own natural medicines; why aren't we testing likely candidates against Ebola?
  • Primates self-medicate using plant medicine... why can't humans?
  • Shouldn't we scientifically test natural remedies against Ebola?
  • The monopoly of modern medicine is interfering with strategies that might save us from a viral pandemic
  • We deserve better! Humans deserve access to ALL potential solutions to viral pandemics, not just the ones that financially benefit pharmaceutical companies
  • Those who are most likely to survive a viral pendemic are those who boost and protect their immune function
  • That the public isn't being told the truth about immune-boosting strategies is nothing less than medical negligence
  • Why aren't we using the medicinal resources across the planet to explore ALL available and potential solutions against an Ebola pandemic?
  • The NIH controls the research funding, and no funding is available for anything other than drugs and vaccines
  • Yes, I'm frustrated right now because I don't want people to suffer or die, and I truly believe that Ebola solutions exist right now but are being ignored or suppressed
  • Mother Nature tends to provide solutions in the same ecological regions from which problems arise
  • Remedies for Ebola might already exist in jungles and rainforest plants
  • Can humanity wake up in time to save itself?

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