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Episode 16: The mathematics of Ebola by the Health Ranger Mike Adams
Pandemic Preparedness FREE Online How-To Course
Episode 16: The mathematics of Ebola
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  • Currently every 1 Ebola results in an additional 1.5 - 2.0 infections within 3 - 4 weeks
  • The Ebola problem is an exponential problem
  • In Dallas, Thomas Duncan spread Ebola to at least one additional person (a nurse)
  • 70 medical staffers were needed to treat Duncan, just one Ebola patient
  • The infected nurse was not on the CDC's watch list
  • A 98% success rate in stopping Ebola infections is still a huge victory for Ebola that will decimate humanity
  • The only way to wipe out Ebola is to achieve a near-100% success rate in blocking new infections
  • Ebola and the CDC are currently "tied" in terms of keeping score
  • If it requires 70 medical staffer to treat 1 Ebola patient, hospitals will be quickly overwhelmed in an outbreak
  • During an outbreak, many medical staffers will resign
  • Medical staffers are not being issued appropriate gear to handle BSL-4 biohazards
  • Why did health authorities put Dr. Brantly in a BSL-4 biohazard room, but they allowed Thomas Duncan to be treated in a regular hospital with no level-4 training or gear?
  • Michael Savage says CDC director Frieden should be arrested for criminal negligence
  • When the government says they have it under control, what they mean is they don't have it under control
  • There is still a window of opportunity to contain Ebola if we get honest about the threat
  • If Ebola infections in the USA reach 1,000 patients, we are probably beyond containment (unless some miraculous intervention is found)
  • Ebola cures are not as simple as those depicted in Hollywood movies
  • The Ebola vaccine is not being tested against Ebola
  • In an outbreak, you will need to provide for your own medical care
  • Drill this in: You will need to prepare in advance for your household medical needs
  • Mainstream America is not prepared for any real medical emergency
  • A lack of preparedness leads to panic
  • Getting prepared promotes calm and helps support your community
  • Many scientists believe "Human are the parasite, and Ebola is the cure..."
  • Ebola is a biological disassembly machine, an "anti-life" virus

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