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Episode 14: Living in isolation under medical martial law by the Health Ranger Mike Adams
Pandemic Preparedness FREE Online How-To Course
Episode 14: Living in isolation under medical martial l...
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  • Everything we are seeing in Liberia and Sierra Leone is a preview of what's coming to America if the oubreak spreads
  • The mathematics of the Ebola outbreak make it clear that the outbreak is already beyond containment
  • Medical staff are resigning from hospitals out of fear of Ebola exposure
  • Ebola is heading toward becoming a global, endemic disease similar to AIDS but with a far higher fatality rate
  • If it is uncontrolled, it will spread to South America, and if it's in South America, it will spill into North America
  • Outbreaks quickly lead to police state powers for governments
  • All civil rights are suspended under a medical emergency
  • The possibility of "vaccine ID cards" and vaccine checkpoints
  • Prepare to be ordered into self isolation
  • Do you have enough supplies to ride out an extended isolation order?
  • Most U.S. households do not have enough supplies for a 21-day isolation order
  • You are likely to be detained and quarantined if you are caught on the streets, looting, rioting or protesting
  • It's a good idea to stay home during any isolation order; don't be caught on the streets
  • Isolation is the answer to stopping any pandemic
  • Myth busted: Ebola is not difficult to catch; it's very EASY to catch
  • Myth busted: The "best hospitals in the world" are still transmitting Ebola!
  • Beware of the government effort to downplay the severity of the outbreak
  • The government would prefer people be uninformed rather than fully informed
  • Lack of preparedness leads to public panic
  • You can learn a lot from watching Doomsday Preppers
  • Door-to-door vaccine mandates are a possibility
  • Government will likely use census data to determine how many people need to be vaccinated at your address
  • Ebola vaccine is not being tested against Ebola
  • The spectrum of possible outcomes from an Ebola vaccine
  • There will likely be no government honor vaccine exemptions; all vaccines will be mandatory and forced upon the population
  • Vaccine manufacturing frequently suffers from quality control problems, hidden viruses, toxic adjuvants and other risks
  • Make sure you are prepared for mandatory isolation in your own home
  • Stay home, stay out of trouble and have sufficient supplies
  • There will be a rebuilding of society after a viral pandemic

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