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Episode 13: How an Ebola outbreak could devastate the U.S. economy by the Health Ranger Mike Adams
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Episode 13: How an Ebola outbreak could devastate the U...
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  • What's happening in Liberia and Sierra Leone is a microcosm of what might happen in first world nations during a pandemic outbreak
  • Ebola isolation and quarantine efforts have already caused immediate implosions in the local economy
  • Quarantine zones immediately halt deliveries of supplies
  • Truck drivers will refuse to deliver food and supplies to quarantine zones (unless they are military soldiers)
  • Farmers in Africa are abandoning their fields and refusing to harvest crops
  • Understanding money velocity and economic theory
  • Complex, interdependent economies are more subject to systemic failures
  • Low-tech, agrarian societies are more resistant to systemic economic failures or collapse
  • If people become aware of Ebola spreading on commercial flights, it would cause extreme financial difficulties for commercial airlines
  • Airlines are going to be extremely sensitive about the public perception of safety on flights
  • Consider all the businesses that depend on the public perception of "safety in crowds"
  • Restaurants, gyms, movie theaters, sporting events, concerts, symphony events -- all these could be shut down by fear of Ebola spreading via crowds
  • Tourism could be hit very hard as tourists would be fearful of traveling to cities where infections are reported
  • Public transportation is also highly vulnerable to fear of Ebola: subways, trains, busses, taxis and more
  • Consider the future: What happens if it spreads in large U.S. cities?
  • Think about the economic implications of shutting down public transportation: who will run all the banks and businesses?
  • Without workers showing up for work, much of the U.S. economy implodes
  • Most U.S. businesses could not survive even a one-month shutdown
  • There will be a bankruptcy ripple effect across employees and all the lenders who are owed money by those employees
  • Discretionary income will plummet, causing yet more losses across the economy
  • The impact on the medical sector of the economy could be devastating, thrusting many hospitals into bankruptcy
  • The stock market may be hit extremely hard by an Ebola outbreak as corporations collapse into bankruptcy
  • Find ways to diversify your investments or assets; have some barter items
  • Also consider which companies might do well in a pandemic: manufacturers of medical gear, for example
  • Make sure you have spare cash on hand
  • Ebola might be the scapegoat for the economic crash that's been imminent for a long time

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