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Episode 9: The Ebola vaccine fraud by the Health Ranger Mike Adams
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Episode 9: The Ebola vaccine fraud
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  • Human trials have already begun on the Ebola vaccine
  • The vaccine has completely skipped over all vaccine safety protocols and preliminary testing
  • The sudden, spontaneous appearance of an Ebola vaccine is near-conclusive proof that this was all planned in advance
  • Patent #CA2741523A1 reveals that the United States Government owns Ebola; the patent was awarded in 2010 based on Ebola samples held by the CDC in 2007
  • The current strain of Ebola is spreading out of control because it is a weaponized variant
  • Pharmaceutical companies have a long history of conducing medical experiments on African children: research the history of Pfizer and Nigerian children
  • GSK, the Ebola vaccine manufacturer, was fined by Argentina for the deaths of 14 babies who died during vaccine trials
  • GSK is the same company that was caught committing felony crimes across the USA, running a massive doctor bribery scheme that bribed doctors to push GSK drugs with off-label (illegal) prescriptions
  • GSK was also fined another $490 million for running an illegal bribery scheme in China, where hospitals and doctors were bribed
  • This is the company we are suddenly going to trust with an Ebola vaccine?
  • Understanding the real corporate revenue model of our corrupt world: CREATE the problem, then SELL the solution
  • Big Pharma always creates fake diseases then sells harmful drugs to treat them
  • The CDC has openly admitted that polio vaccines were widely contaminated with cancer viruses
  • Big Pharma depends on repeat business for its profits; it doesn't want to sell you a cure but rather a way to "manage" a health condition without solving it
  • How to sell vaccines: Create a panic
  • The CDC fabricates evidence of pandemics in order to push vaccines
  • CDC scientist Dr. William Thompson has openly admitted, on the record, to taking part in a conspiracy of scientific fraud at the CDC
  • NIH controls government research grants while the CDC controls the "official" story on all pandemics and treatments
  • The use of human guinea pigs for medical experiments is routinely conducted across the vaccine industry
  • Ebola was "manufactured" by the U.S. Dept. of Defense, says a Liberian scientist, as a biological weapon
  • Medical martial law was declared in Sierra Leone, and Ebola victims were hunted like fugitives in door-to-door searches
  • All large drug companies are in business solely to make money, not to aid humanity or solve problems (they actually make more money from causing problems)
  • The worse a vaccine works, the more vaccine sales immediately follow (because the outbreak gets worse)
  • HPV vaccines have been damaging young girls in Colombia while the drug companies offer excuses and denials
  • People who refuse Ebola vaccines will be declared mentally ill
  • Ebola is an "invention" that's owned by the United States government and covered by an on-file patent, encompassing all Ebola variations that share 70% of the same genetic code
  • Patents give the government "ownership" over the Ebola replicating in your own blood
  • The U.S. government can also claim ownership and control over all research into Ebola, all vaccines and all "cures"

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